Marbella Luxury Two & Three Bed Apartments

We have been busy over the last couple of weeks adding on some fabulous new properties in the Marbella area – and are finding that 2 bedroom apartments are selling out fairly fast!

The main reason is that many people want to find a bolthole, somewhere that they can just jump on a low-cost airline flight and in 4 hours (including flight and Málaga airport to apartment transfer time) be enjoying the wonderful Marbella way of life. The fact that we always have warmer weather (and no snow) in the winter months is also very appealing !

Thinking of the many great celebrations and festivals we have in Marbella …I found this great article on Anglo Info website and thought that I should share it with everyone…as it sums up everything I wanted to say very nicely:

Love is in the Air

It’s Valentine’s Day this weekend… the most romantic day of the year!

Yes, it’s that time of year when the shops are packed to the rafters with hearts, flowers, chocolates and cuddly teddy bears, and lovers the world over will be sending missives to their nearest and dearest. Love it or hate it, there’s little chance of avoiding it, so why not give in to it, relax and let AngloINFO get you in the mood for lurve!

Whatever floats your boat

The actual reason why many of us get so “loved-up” on this exact date is a little unclear – some theories cite the date as the anniversary of the martyrdom of Saint Valentine, a catholic priest who was tortured and executed for secretly marrying couples when marriage was forbidden during the reign of Roman emperor Claudius II. Others trace the origins of the day back to an ancient pagan fertility festival. Whichever way you look at it, it’s a great excuse to show your special someone just how much you care!

A little wining and dining almost always goes down well on Valentine’s Day, but you’ll need to be quick to book a restaurant – this is always one of the busiest nights of the year! And, of course, nothing says “I love you” quite like a beautiful bouquet of flowers, preferably roses (red) – you can even arrange for them to be delivered directly to your sweetheart if you want to keep the Valentine’s allure alive. You can book any one of a fabulous range of bouquets to be delivered in the Marbella/Mijas Costa area by checking out the on-line shop on the website

If you are thinking of booking a restaurant then do check out La Sala Banus…this year they have a “naughty” menu ..or a “nice” menu…so whichever you are…we hope you find whatever your heart desires this St. Valentine’s weekend in Marbella !


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