For those concerned about what is going to happen in the future due to Brexit and possibly thinking twice about buying a property in Marbella….you need to take into account that it is now really going to be more of a process than an event – and that people were buying property in Spain, without any issues, before the UK joined what was then the E.E.C and before there was ever an EU…

Spain only joined the EU on 1st January 1986 and when I moved to Spain to live in March 1986 I still had to apply, be approved and issued with a Residence and a Work Permit..which I obtained once I could prove that I would not be a burden on the Spanish state and public systems… but I had freely travelled back and forth on holidays to various parts of Spain since 1974 without any issues..

My family first purchased an apartment in Marbella back in 1978… which they still own today, although it has had a couple of facelifts since then …and there was no problem at all in the purchase process or in the intervening years in spite of many changes and two economic crisis’.

If there was no issue in purchasing a property prior to the EU even existing ..and Nationals, from outside the Eurozone as it exists today, are able to purchase property and obtain residence visas by following some basic procedures and providing some standard paperwork, the question then has to be asked as to why would Spain want to cripple its economy by placing any type of barrier on either tourism or residential property purchasers or owners?

With so many exciting projects and new homes coming to market – Marbella is once again up and coming..and we certainly won’t be doing anything other than continuing with Business as Usual !



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