Sort our your Health Insurance Policy before you move.

Unfortunately, no matter how much we plan one can predict when a medical emergency may occur.

To ensure you and your family are well prepared, it is important that you have a private medical policy plan in place before moving to Spain. A medical policy or proof of cover is a requirement for anyone applying for residency in Marbella so this is almost top of the list to arrange prior to moving.

When moving countries many people are concerned about the quality and price of healthcare. Spain’s private health care system is fairly similar in structure to the UK and private health care provides a thorough and extremely quick service. As a member of a private health care company, you will be in the best possible hands.

The majority of people are concerned about language barriers…that is not an issue here in Marbella as the vast majority of the medical teams are English and Spanish speaking, ensuring you receive a rapid diagnosis and the necessary and appropriate treatment.

Excellent private health care companies include “Sanitas“, which is owned by BUPA, and the local Helicópteros Sanitarios.

As a member of Helicópteros Sanitarios you will be provided with dedicated assistance in the comfort of your own home. Both companies provide rapid service so you can usually say goodbye to waiting rooms.

The main Clinics in Marbella, Fuengirola and Manilva have some of the best state-of-the-art technology available and allow for appointments for any tests required to be made almost instantaneous.

Interestingly enough, we have recently had some enquiries from clients who wish to purchase property within easy reach of the Costa del Sol hospitals, particularly from those who are retiring and know that they will be needing regular visits to the hospitals for check up’s etc.

The area of Los Monteros Playa is one which fits perfectly..beachside and yet almost just across the road from the hospital..and the up and coming Rio Real Golf Resort which has a wonderful selection of villas available … it’s an area that really does offer the best of both worlds..

Remember, in Marbella and surrounding areas the medical teams are only a phone call away and they speak your language!


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